If you eat a magnolia flower can it kill you?

Answer no

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About the Magnolia Flower?

The magnolia plant comes in a variety of species, from evergreen to deciduous, and it usually produces large, scented flowers. The colors vary from purest white and creamy yellow to pink and purple... Read More »

What color is a magnolia flower?

Magnolia trees are well known for their glossy, leathery leaves and fragrant springtime blossoms. The flowers may be white, pink or purple, and vary in size depending on the magnolia variety. Flowe... Read More »

The Symbolism of the Magnolia Flower?

Magnolias are a striking variety of flower because the blooms are so large. With many varieties, the magnolia is grown in different parts of the country in different sizes and colors, often marking... Read More »

How many states have magnolia as a state flower?

The flower of the southern magnolia tree serves as the state flower for both Mississippi and Louisiana. Mississippi, nicknamed the "Magnolia State," chose the magnolia for both its state flower and... Read More »