If you e-file, do you still have to mail in your W-2 forms?

Answer When e-filing your federal and state tax returns, you do not need to mail in your W-2 forms for it to be processed. However, keep the forms handy in a secure location in the event of an audit or if... Read More »

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Forms to File for Your Own Divorce?

Most forms to file for your own divorce are available at the clerk's office. If the clerk's office has a website, you can download the forms from it. There are several forms that are required for f... Read More »

How to File FAFSA When Your Parents Filed Separately on Different Forms?

Filing for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a necessity in almost every college-bound student's life. The FAFSA determines the type and amount of federal aid a student qualif... Read More »

If you are on long-term disability should you still file a claim with the SSA if you have an SS rider on your insurance policy and you are able to work at a different occupation?

The re-wording of the question changes the answer. Simply, if you are able to work another occupation than you are not able to qualify for SSDI. 4lifeguild Answer The SS rider is an offset. Thi... Read More »

How Do You Order Tax Forms by Mail?

Tax forms are available by mail and can be ordered free of charge through the IRS website. Not all tax forms are available online and quantities tend to be limited, so order the forms early in the ... Read More »