If you due date is July 16 2007 on what day did you get pregnant?

Answer Being the Mother of 3 and now the Memaw of 2 this is an easy question for me to answer, the rule to remember is count back 3 months from your last period and add 7 days. So that would make the date... Read More »

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I had an ultrasound at 24 weeks and they said i was due on the 20th of July but my ultrasound at 18 weeks said i was due on the 27th on July which one is the right due date?

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What day of the week was July 23, 2007?

July 23, 2007, was a Monday. July 23 has seen some significant events throughout history including a war on poverty declared by U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964, the first case of Legionnai... Read More »

Can you be pregnant if you had sex on July and you have regualyrly got you period but on the fourth month you don't?

When you get pragnent, you start missing your period until the baby is born. So in your case, you have had 3 periods after you were engaged in sex, that means you are not pregnant. Also after 4 m... Read More »

I had my last period on June 17 and it's July 22!! I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet!! Can i be pregnant?

You should wait maybe a couple more weeks it could be late for another reason other than your pregnant. Some periods can be up to a month late... Hopes this helps you (: