If you drank antifreeze would it kill you?

Answer blind,deaf,paralyze,handicap,damage your braindont do it

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How to Tell if a Dog Drank Antifreeze?

Antifreeze is made primarily of ethylene glycol, and it is commonly kept in household garages for use with cars. When antifreeze is swallowed by a dog, the antifreeze breaks down into toxic compone... Read More »

I drank antifreeze, but why Im not dead yet?

Well, if stupidity hasn't killed you yet, nothing will!So stop trying!

I drank some water out of a glass that a cat drank put this dangerous?

yeah my brother did that and he grew a tail

What can you spray on your garden to kill grass and weeds but not kill my plants?

a weedicide just go to a plant shop and demand for a weedicide you will get desired results example of weedicide is anthracineRangiku_Awata: My mom uses seven i think,but i may be wrong so go to a ... Read More »