If you dont own a car do you have to pay insurance?

Answer AnswerYou only need Auto Insurance if you have a vehicle. Additionally, if you primarly rent vehicles, you should purchase a "non-owned" policy, or be sure you purchase the insurance that the renta... Read More »

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We have travel insurance and they said we are not guarenteed for our cancellation We have 2 cancel our trip because we will basically be homeless if we dont How can I get the insurance to work with us?

There's not much if any leeway in insurance policies to pay for something that's not described as covered.Were you led to believe the policy would pay if you cancelled because you changed your mind... Read More »

What if you dont have insurance?

You don't have any protection without insurance.

What if you dont have dental insurance?

Most companies offer stand alone dental insurance. At BlueCross Blueshield of Florida, we offer dental insurance as little as $10.65/month for an HMO plan and $23.03/month for a PPO plan. If you ar... Read More »

How much is amoxicillin if you dont have insurance?

Answer it runs about 22 dollars to 13 dollars depending on the generic version your pharamacy uses.