If you dont like your brother?

Answer if u don't like ur brother u have to talk to him and explain that ur brother and sisters u need to be together u need to love each other!! Raniaperson: That just touched my heart right there ( sob... Read More »

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Well me and my brother want to make youtube videos and we dont know what to do help?

You didn't specify what category of videos you are making but you mentioned screen bigger so i'm assuming you are making gaming videos??? To make a video with a camera hit record, save to an SD car... Read More »

How to say to dental patient. "Brother/sister calm down or dont be afraid its almost finish."?

1. Brother/sister calm down -or- don't be afraid it's almost finished.اخي\اختي اهدأ\ اهدأي - لا تخاف\لا تخافي , انها انتهت تقريبا Akhy/Okhty , 'ehda'\ 'e... Read More »

My brother died and i have his laptop how can i work his password out dont want to lose his stuff?

Just starting thinking of what he may have used his password as, important dates, people in his life and so on.

My brother is 16 and he loves video games he already has an xbox 360 i dont know what to get him because he never talks to me very much and he plays it 24 7 what should i get him for Christmas?