If you don't get your EMA bonus can you claim or appeal for it?

Answer Well, why didn't you get it?If they haven't sent it to you, or it has been delayed, be patient!If you missed a few days or didn't get your forms signed or didn't behave, then they are right to not ... Read More »

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How to Appeal Claim a Denial?

Just because your claim was denied, does not mean that you have to take it lying down. You can appeal any claim denied that has been denied, medical claims are the easiest to appeal.

How to Appeal Disability Claim Decisions?

Contributing to the Social Security fund and buying a disability insurance policy do not guarantee benefits when you file a claim with either the Social Security Administration or the private insur... Read More »

How to "How to Get Help for Your Social Security Disability Claim or Appeal"?

Are you among the estimated 75 per cent of Americans who have been denied Social Security Disability benefits upon initial filing of a claim? If so, you need to know why this may have happened and ... Read More »

How to Write a Medical Claim Appeal Letter?

Having health insurance is not a guarantee that everything ordered by your doctor is going to be covered. In the event your insurance provider denies payment of any medical procedure, it is vital y... Read More »