If you don't cook all that great and you try is that considered a bad wife?

Answer Not at all. Just keep trying if that's what you want. When my wife and I got married, she couldn't cook anything. I cooked everything, usually on the grill. Through the years she learned b... Read More »

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Is your wife's brother's wife considered your sister-in-law?

Your wife's brother is your brother-in-law. The wife of your brother-in-law is not considered to be related to you and, in English usage, is not your sister-in-law.

When your brother divorces his wife is his son considered your ex-nephew?

No. Your brother's son will always be your nephew, no matter what.

What is the 1st cousin 14x removed of the wife of the 15th great grand uncle of the wife of your grand uncle to you?

Since the ancestors of your great uncle's wife are not related to you, the first cousin 14 times removed of the wife of her 15th great grand uncle is not related to you, nor you to him.

I dont know what to cook for dinner, please inspire me!?