If you die what happens to your Facebook?

Answer i think it just sits there as a memory to others.....same as all ur other accounts

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What happens to your Facebook if you die?

nope how would they know if they died? After a while they will delete your account after a long time of inactivity...Or if you really wanted to I am sure you could get in contact with facebook and... Read More »

When you die what happens to your facebook?

it doesn't go anywhere it stays there and then,thats just it.

If you die what happens to your Facebook and/or twitter?

We all have a little electronic chip in our brain. It is surgically inserted into our brains when we are born. When the chip doesn't sense a pulse, it deletes your Facebook and/or twitter for you. ... Read More »

What happens to your Yahoo! or facebook when you die?

I think yahoo becomes inactive if you don't sign in after a certain period. Not sure on facebook.