If you did not know you had a child do you have to pay back child support?

Answer You can still be liable while underage. It depends on wether the other parent needs said support & you should test for paternity-not take someone's word for it.

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Can child support orders be file for back child support after the child dies?

How long do you have to pay back payments for child support after child support ends?

If non custodial parent owes back child support and the child goes to live with the non custodial parent does the custodial parent at that point have to begin paying child support?

Yes, in most circumstances. However, you need to notify the court of the change in circumstances as soon as possible. The existing child support order and custody order will remain in effect until ... Read More »

Can you get child support paid back to you if child has been living with you?

In general, child support cannot be modified retroactively. That's why it's important to file for modification/termination as soon as circumstances change.