If you cut your finger and don't get stitches but probably should have?

Answer if he cleans out the wound (maybe like with rubbing alcohol) and puts something on it like neosporene (so it doesn't get infected), and only if the wound isn't deep, and he puts like tape on it (th... Read More »

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I had trigger finger surg on my middle finger. when I went to get my stitches out the Dr informed me that I ha?

If u slice ur finger open on a can likely is it u need stitches?

Joe Angus is on to something.Did you know supper glue was invented to close open wounds on the battle field.The Idea was it could be a short term liquid suture.Short term is the key word hear.The s... Read More »

Do i need to go get stitches Cut open my finger and still bleeding?

bandage snuggly and quit messing with it. Each time you mess with it you disturb the clot trying to form to stop the bleeding. If it bleeds through the bandage, do NOT remove the old one, add ano... Read More »

Part of finger still numb after stitches removed?

Don't you think you should be asking your doctor this? Lol. Sometimes the nurses may be of help. Please take medical advice online with a grain of salt!