If you cut verrucas out do they leave holes?

Answer The best way to remove them is by freezing them off. That way you kill the roots/virus/wart.There are some over the counter freezing medications, but a doctor can do it as well if not better.You c... Read More »

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How can a 17-year-old leave home if they are being beaten and sexually abused by their parents and they can't emancipate themselves and they are being made to live in the abusive home by a judge?

Answer If a judge remanded the minor to the parental home there would have needed to be an investigation by state CPS or DFS. Therefore it is difficult to comprehend why a judge would allow a minor... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Verrucas?

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How to Remove Verrucas?

Are you annoyed and tired by the verrucas in your foot? Not to worry, this guide is sure to help!

Why do house bricks have 3 holes in them why are they not solid?

Theyre called frogs.and so the cement can stick to em