If you cut off your weiner does it grow back?

Answer Well time will tell. I hope it does. What a shame it would be if the world was deprived of the children you might have had. It sounds like you are on your way to becoming quite a chef. How about su... Read More »

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Does Your Hair Grow Back Faster If You Shave It?

The assumption that shaving thickens hair or makes it grow back faster has been around for years. The reason why this misconception has been around so long is because when the hair grows back after... Read More »

If you smoke weed, does your brain cells grow back?

Marijuana does not kill brain cells. Some dumb anti-pot jerk just made that up to try to get people to stop smoking it. Think about it: why would an all-natural substance that does not give any hea... Read More »

Does Cutting Your Hair Make it Grow Back Faster?

Cutting your hair does not make it grow faster, but it does give it a healthier appearance due to the split and frayed ends being snipped. After hair leaves the scalp it's essentially dead, so what... Read More »

Does your hair grow back differently when you cut it really short?

I don't know what you mean by differently...but it will grow back longer and thicker I have had that hairstyle with one side of my head shaved and my hair grew back faster longer and thick.