Can birdseed hurt dogs if they eat it?

Answer On One Hand: It Can Be HarmfulEating birdseed has the potential to harm dogs. According to veterinarian Jill Bowen at, the birdseed can ferment in their digestive tract causing s... Read More »

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Can chewing gum hurt dogs?

On One Hand: Chewing Gum Can Harm DogsXylitol is an artificial sweetener that is used in many food products, including chewing gum, mints, nutrition bars and candies. Xylitol, even in small amounts... Read More »

Can rat poison hurt cats or dogs?

Rat poison, or rodenticide, can cause internal bleeding in cats and dogs. It can be fatal if not treated soon after ingestion. Cats and dogs ingest the poison by eating the rodenticide directly. A ... Read More »

Can dogs get hurt while hunting deer?

Yes. Cornered deer may kick, or use their antlers to defend themselves from dogs. Dogs also get hurt in hunting accidents, though practicing safe hunting can greatly minimize the risk. Services suc... Read More »

What human foods can hurt dogs?

Dogs can get sick and even die if they eat some foods that are perfectly safe for human consumption. In addition to keeping dogs away from where you keep these foods, it is important to refrain fro... Read More »