Can you hold garden worms or does it hurt them?

Answer You will not hurt the garden worm (earthworm) if you hold it. The cold-blooded earthworm boasts resiliency compared with most garden creatures. Earthworms thrive in moist environments, so if the wo... Read More »

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Does braces suppose to hurt after you get them?

Allot of times one arch hurts more that the other one. For example, my upper arch always hurt more than the bottom. It sounds like your bottom teeth was very crowded. We usually straighten the upp... Read More »

Does spaying or neutering your pet hurt them?

On One Hand: Spaying or Neutering Is SurgerySpaying or neutering your pet is a surgical procedure that removes your pet's reproductive organs. Your pet must be put under anesthesia and could face s... Read More »

Im Getting Braces In April. Does It Hurt Putting Them On?

Don't worry abut it. It hurts slightly just like a nip then it goes away but when you get them tightened once a month i have heard that it can hurt. The pain it just like an ache and can last about... Read More »

Does it hurt little girls to have sex with them?