If you could take food smell and bottle it, what would it be?

Answer Christmas cake cooking

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A plastic bottle cap touched the element in the dishwasher Now I cant get the burnt smell out And when I use it the dishes now have a burnt smell Will baking soda hurt the dishwasher if I use it?

Its about 80% likely depending on what dishwasher you have but it doesnt hurt to try once.

How to Remove the Smell of Perfume From a Glass Bottle?

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Is it possible 2 find the perfume u don't remember it's name but know the smell & how its bottle looked like?

Try websites designed for people to swap opinions on perfumes, like If you post a description of the bottle and the perfume's scent you are more than likely going to get an answer ... Read More »

Why does indian food smell really bad!?

Well, Indian cuisine are fond of using herbs that some people may not like it or ever smells before just like some cheese which also has their haters.As for body odour, it can happens to all races ... Read More »