If you could have one thing to do before you die what would it be?

Answer help someone else to live.

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If you could have 1 thing in this world....what would it be?

The one in the world i would have is my son

If you could only have one thing in your handbag, what would it be?

Johnny Depp..........yes Im sure I could find a bag big enough if he was going to be in it. lol

Plastic surgery - if you could do one thing, what would you do?

I have to go with the tummy tuck also, only surgery I would actually consider ever going through with....I think....having a baby really does change a lot of things......must admit I would love to ... Read More »

If you could teach drivers one thing what would it be?

I think using the signals should be given far more emphasis than it apparently is, in driver training classes. And the headlights should be on at all time, too -- for the same reason, so others ca... Read More »