If you could have any celebrity’s bright white smile, whose would it be?

Answer Angelina Jolee because of how big her smile is and no matter what she cant hide those beautiful teeth with even the smallest of smiles. The brightness of them are unbelievable and definetly unmiss... Read More »

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If you could have the personality of any TV character, whose would you take?

Elektra Woman and Dyna Girl!!! Just kidding (talk about dating myself!). Kato from the Green Hornet.

How to Have a Bright Smile From a Kit?

If your goal is a celebrity smile, and you don't want to endure a time-consuming, expensive procedure at the dentist's office, you can buy a do-it-yourself whitening kit and improve the appearance ... Read More »

What Would You Think Of A Teen Girl Who Had Long White Hair And Wore Bright Clothes?

I'd be glad you didn't change your mind after all the sh*t people are giving you about it on here.I dunno what exactly I would think if I saw you/someone else matching that description. I'd probabl... Read More »

Whose fault would this have been?

Technically you had the right of way. Legally, there is normally no right of way in a parking lot. An accident would have been her fault, the way you described it, but it would likely have been c... Read More »