If you could have any brand of beer right now, which would you choose?

Answer Hi it would be between Ringwood OLD THUMPER & RINGWOOD 49er 2 great pints down my local eather sells out within a day & 1/2. Bottle beer like wychwood brews*

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Moms...if you could choose to have a dynamite body or an extra $200 a month, which would you choose?

Extra money. Then could pay off bills easier, save more for our kids' college funds and have some fun in the process :)Exterior beauty fades. The pretty dynamite body would not be so dynamite at ... Read More »

Directv single LNB antenna you have 2 receivers with different accounts you would like to hook them both to a splitter so that you could choose which one would control the satellite?

You don't control the satellite by the receiver in your home. The satellite is controlled by a the satellite operator which sends telemetry commands up to the satellite using a large dish antenna. ... Read More »

If you could choose any mobile phone, which one would you choose?

If u could choose any phone u want which one would it be?

iPhone hands down.However, check out this link: http://www.phonescoop.comIt allows you to search carriers, features, technology anything. You can find the phone that fits you best.