If you could eat as much as you wanted....?

Answer haha now that would be amazing =Di would havebreakfast: pancakes with lemon and sugar and a glass of milksnack: few chocolate bars and hot chocolate with marshmellowslunch: pasty and white choco ch... Read More »

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What if the T.V. could turn on whenever it wanted to watch you!?

you'd get bored of watching me in front of my computer...same bat time...same bat channelI've never been here before...not much of a veiw

If you wanted to capture images for a webpage, how could i do this?

Well if you dont have any other choice. Press print screen, up in the upper left corner of the keyboard (next to scroll lock) and open up paint or what ever you want to use I recommended paint its ... Read More »

If NASA wanted to land a spacecraft on saturan could it happen?

Saturn is a gas giant, it may not even have a solid surface in the middle. Even if there were, no imaginable spacecraft could survive long enough to reach it. Gas giants can be considered "failed s... Read More »

POLL: If you could go anywhere you wanted right now where would it be?

Egypt. I'm 65 years old and from a very young age, I wanted to be an archeologist, and find a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings, or see if there really was hidden treasure under the Sphinx.But...... Read More »