The mouse on my pc has broken, what other animal could I use?

Answer a hedgehog, it's designed to massage at the same time.

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If you could have anything for dinner tonight what would it be and who would you?

mine would be, anything my wife cooks, she is the best cook I have ever had the pleasure of feeding me.I would also share it with her because she is my best friend aswell as my wife

If you could build your dream home, where would it be What would the setting be like?

A mountain chalet in Switzerland with a blank canvas garden to transform and all that clean pure Alpine air !

What could I do with my awesome stuffed animal collections?

take a nice group picture or even individuals if you want. Make an album or hang a huge poster size picture on your wall and then donat them to a womens shelter. When kids arrive they like toys to ... Read More »

Sick of been a veggie, but could never eat an animal of any sort! any ideas of what to eat ?

I recommend that you get hold of The Vegetarian Student Cookbook by Hamlyn. It's not just for students, but has unfussy, uncomplicated, inexpensive recipes of all sorts. And they are mostly delicio... Read More »