If you condominiumize do existing buildings need to be removed?

Answer "Condominium-ize" is an unfamiliar notion (to me). It sounds like a majority of owners in a community are interested in turning their collective property over to a condominium style of real estate ... Read More »

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If you have scar tissue from a surgery you had 20 years ago that needs to be removed but have never been treated for can your insurance deem it as pre-existing?

AnswerI would think so, however be sure to check the definition in your policyCA Insurance Code � 10700 q) "Preexisting condition provision" means a policy provision that excludes coverage for ch... Read More »

If one has found precancerous cells and has them removed is this a pre-existing condition if that person gets the precancerous cells again or even cancer when switching jobs?

Answer In CA:If you're with an employer group - no problem - groups of 2 or more are guaranteed issue and the time you spent on one plan counts towards any waiting periods on a new plan.If an indiv... Read More »

My company has 1 existing and 2 new printers, I need a best reason to stop using the existing printer.?

Why do women pencil in removed eyebrows, but don't draw back their removed leg hair?

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