If you comment on somebody's post on Facebook do your friends see it ?

Answer If the person is a mutual friend then he/she will see your comment

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Any reason why I can't comment or post on Facebook ?

Hello Stella, I don't know the answer, but the same thing is happening to me! I hope the problem gets solved soon! xo

Do friends know if I comment on a picture in a Facebook Page?

It depends on the settings used by your friends for their individual accounts. Most likely some will receive a notification and others will not.

Is there a way to ban my friends to comment in my statuses and pictures in facebook ?

yes you can change the visibility in the settings to private. or at every post u have this lil wheel thingy. there u can change the privacy settings for every post u make on facebook!!

What's the nicest way to comment my friends that their kids on Facebook are not really that cute?

Here are a list of comments that will give them the hint:1. Why didn't you wash the poo of your kid's face before you took this picture?2. LOL...I love this pic, you kids are so funny when they do ... Read More »