If you comment on somebody's post on Facebook do your friends see it ?

Answer If the person is a mutual friend then he/she will see your comment

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How to Post YouTube Videos on Your Friends' Pages in Facebook?

YouTube videos vary from content uploaded by musicians and movie studios to funny clips added by pet owners. If you see a video clip on the site that one of your Facebook friends would appreciate, ... Read More »

Can you hide what friends post on your wall in facebook ?

no, you cant control that, you can only delete the post

Any reason why I can't comment or post on Facebook ?

Hello Stella, I don't know the answer, but the same thing is happening to me! I hope the problem gets solved soon! xo

If someone adds you as an admin on a Facebook Page, Can your friends see what you post on there?

Not all your friends!!But it'll get notified only those are members of that group :)Hope it helps :)