If you co-op internet, can they track your information?

Answer Yes they can. If you are on the same network then they (if computer savvy) have the greatest chance to hack you.Make sure remote assistance, remote desktop, file sharing, and printer sharing are di... Read More »

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What types of information would you tell your child not to share with someone they met only over the internet?

I would not allow my children to met anyone they did not previously know over the internet, it's actually a rule in my house. My 15 year old for example is not allowed to chat or communicate person... Read More »

Can your parents track internet on your cell phone?

Not to be annoying, but you need to check your grammar with these questions.I am guessing that you are wondering when plugging your phone into the computer, will it be connected to the Internet?You... Read More »

Why are people stupid enough to give others they don't know personal information on the internet?

I guess people are gullible or stupid or both. I don't personally give out such information on here, I saw a question the other day about a girl telling everybody that she's a childminder and look... Read More »

Does your internet service provider track the websites you visit?

They see all your Internet activity. They know it came from your computer but they dont who did it