If you close installous while an app is downloading will it continue?

Answer no, sorry it closes and it gets really annoying when the app crashes half way through the download of an expensive, large game! Altogether, no, sorry.

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Can you leave installous while something is downloading?

Is downloading installous on ipod touch 2G cydia illegal will i get fined or something?

Maybe you should think of it as a legal disclaimer...Cydia wasn't created to host hacked AppStore apps. Cydia is a place for programmers to share their work which isn't approved for listing on the... Read More »

If a woman dies while menstruating, will she still continue to bleed until it is the end of her cycle?

No. She will stop bleeding. Blood flow stops after death bcoz heart stops. Bcoz blood flow stops blood begings to coagulate (stagnation is a cause for coagulation even in an alive person). Blood in... Read More »

Will it cost you money if you download apps from installous on your ipod touch?

No it does not. All apps from installous are free but you will not be able to sync the apps into itunes. you will not be able to sync unless you delete the apps. If you get appsync from cydia you c... Read More »