What color of hat does papa smurf wear?

Answer Wow, I can't believe people cited a source for the color of papa smurfs hat. Sorry that's just odd to me. A true smurf fan already knows the color of his hat, rojo (spanish for RED). No need to cit... Read More »

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Will stainless steel watches turn color?

Stainless steel, by definition, resists corrosion. It oxides under extreme conditions, including high temperatures, high acidity or in the presence of certain microbes. But a stainless steel watch ... Read More »

If I dye my hair black, will it turn gray when the color begins to wash out?

When you dye your hair darker it adds protien to your hair, where as if you lighten your hair it would strips some proteins from your hair. Going darker is going to make your hair seem full of lus... Read More »

If approaching car has turn signal on when you are stopped, do you turn or wait to see if the car will turn t?

You should wait and never assume anything while driving....

Briggs engine will run when in choke only,why?

I would remove the carburetor float bowl and clean out the crud. The brass nut that holds on the float bowl is also the metering jet and is probably plugged up. Today's gasoline with 10% ethanol ca... Read More »