What color does litmus paper turn?

Answer Litmus paper is used to indicate the presence of an acid or base. Litmus paper will turn red under acidic conditions, and blue under basic conditions. If the conditions are neutral, meaning that th... Read More »

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What does vinegar do to a penny to turn the color green?

Initially submerging a penny in salt and vinegar dissolves the dark oxidized copper on the surface of the penny, making it appear shiny. Once removed from the salt and vinegar bath, the exposed cop... Read More »

What color does a base turn litmus paper?

A base, also known as alkaline, turns red litmus paper blue. Blue litmus paper will be turned red by an acid. Neutral solutions will not cause either red or blue litmus paper to change color.Source... Read More »

What color does acid turn litmus paper?

Blue litmus paper turns red if exposed to an acid, while red litmus paper remains the same color when exposed to an acid. The opposite is true of bases--blue litmus paper stays the same color and r... Read More »

What color does a blue topaz turn under a black light?

Blue topaz is one of the most popular gemstones in the world today, and synthetic forms of it are common. When viewed under longwave U.V. light (ultraviolet or black light), blue topaz may exhibit ... Read More »