If you cancel your general liability policy do you still have to participate in the audit for the previous year?

Answer YES ! You have a contractual duty to do so. If you fail to do so it could create a coverage problem even after a policy is canceled. After many years in the insurance business i have not seen a pro... Read More »

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Can one get an independent audit of the general liability policy at no charge?

Answer Yes, you can. Our company performs just such an audit and we are only paid if we obtain a refund. Our site is

Where to get general liability policy for general contractor?

Answer Contact a licensed commercial insurance agent in your area. It will be able to assist you if it do not sell the particular coverage you need by referring you to another broker. Do a search ... Read More »

How can you get inexpensive general liability insurance for a new General Cont Company that is less than a year old?

Answer General Liability insurnace for a General Contractor is not inexpensive. Many companies have minimum premiums starting at 5k. If you are doing new residential construction the lowest premium... Read More »

If you recently moved to a new apartment in a new state and canceled your previous policy less than thirty days ago if something happens will the previous policy still cover damages?

No. Coverage stops the day set for cancel and is specific to residence. The damage would have to be at the residence on file within the cancellation duration.