If you can, how do you get more RAM on your computer?

Answer You have to purchase it and install it. Just be careful to check if your system has RAM in pairs or allows just a single stick. Some older systems require you to have 2 sticks of RAM installed in... Read More »

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How do you add more memory to your computer without reinstalling your hard drive?

If you need more storage space and have high speed internet, you can register to 1 of those file storage web site for 200mb storage of file free!

Does more RAM make your computer faster, even if you are not using all of your current RAM?

this is a common misconception,processors make your computer go faster,the ram(memory makes it run smoother with more ram the computer will run faster but not "go faster "in raw power ... Read More »

Is your computer worth more than your car?

My computer cost me nothing. My car cost me nothing. Eddie if you know the right people you would be surprised how many things you can get on the cheap. Be willing to hunt and bargain.

How to Get More Virtual Screens for Your Computer?

If you're keen to add more virtual screens to your computer, this method might be one that works for you. It involves making an easy download for free and then following through the instructions se... Read More »