If you buy something at target is it as good as buying it at the apple store?

Answer yes it is

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Can I use a Target credit card for another store that isn't Target?

Target offers several types of credit cards. Individuals who have a Target Credit Card can use the card only at Target stores or when shopping on the Target website. Individuals who have a Target V... Read More »

Apple Mac Mini: is it any good, is it worth buying?

Apple doesn't sell any Netbooks. Instead, they make Ultrabooks, and they are quite successful at that - the MacBook Air's. The 11'' MacBook Air is more like a Netbook. The Mac Mini is basically a m... Read More »

Good Ways to Stop Biting Nails Without Buying Store Products?

Nail biting is a habit that is a problem for many people. Not only does it leave your nails looking ragged and untidy, it can lower your self-esteem and confidence. The most commonly recommended so... Read More »

Should I buy an iPhone 3GS from The Apple Store or at the ATT store?

Whichever is most convenient to you. Either way it will be backed by a 1-year warranty.