If you buy something at target is it as good as buying it at the apple store?

Answer yes it is

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Apple Mac Mini: is it any good, is it worth buying?

Apple doesn't sell any Netbooks. Instead, they make Ultrabooks, and they are quite successful at that - the MacBook Air's. The 11'' MacBook Air is more like a Netbook. The Mac Mini is basically a m... Read More »

Can I use a Target credit card for another store that isn't Target?

Target offers several types of credit cards. Individuals who have a Target Credit Card can use the card only at Target stores or when shopping on the Target website. Individuals who have a Target V... Read More »

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What is the advantage of buying an iPhone from the Mac store as opposed to getting it from an Att store?

Nothing the pricing is all the samego for the iPhone 3Gs because its faster and easier to use!MrKgkwl