If you buy an iphone in Japan will it work in Europe?

Answer no

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Does the iPhone work in Europe?

The iPhone will function in Europe because Europe uses the same GSM cellular band that AT&T uses in the United States. Prior to using the iPhone in Europe, you must contact AT&T, which will place y... Read More »

Will an iPhone 3GS purchased in US work in Europe?

Yes it will still work in the United Kingdom. There are cell phone towers located across the the entire world.

Does an American iPhone work in Europe?

Here's what Apple had to say about it: Will the iPhone work in Europe, Asia, etc? By Chad Shmukler - Published January 18th 2007 - 22:14 in Service Providers • TechnicalYes, the iPhone will work ... Read More »

When if ever will the USA have high speed trains like Japan and Europe?

Well before Mr. Obama was elected to the Illinois State legistature, much less the Senate or Presidency... the US has been looking into High-Speed Rail systems. In fact the California High Speed R... Read More »