If you buy an iPhone in America can you use it in Ireland?

Answer OF COURSE , all phones HAVE to have a sim card to work because it must store your number and any information you put on the phone. i think it may work without one , BUT i dont think you can save co... Read More »

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Can you buy a iPhone in America can you unlock it in Ireland?

If you buy a new iPhone 3GS in America can you use it in Ireland and Europe or do you have to unlock it?

If you are willing to pay Roaming prices to AT&T for having called from Ireland all the time then yes but otherwise you can't because the iPhone 3gS can only be bought WITH an AT&T subscription. ... Read More »

Is it ok to get a laptop on ebay from America im in ireland?

Usually laptop power adapters will take all voltages between 110v and 240v, 50Hz and 60Hz (this covers both USA and UK). However the obvious difference will be the plug. Most laptop power supplies ... Read More »

Who was the first female Irish immigrant from Ireland to America?

Official records from Ellis Island credit Annie Moore, a 15-year-old girl from Cork County, Ireland as the first immigrant to pass through its immigration station. Although others had come before A... Read More »