If you buy an iPhone from America and it breaks abroad what do you do?

Answer Buy a new one (=

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What iPhone case has a warranty that if the iPhone breaks they will replace the iPhone?

None that is currently on the market. You should have your phone insured through either home content insurance or specific mobile phone insurance.

How come my iphone 4 breaks up texts?

I know that sucks @ss I have iPhone 4 too and you are only allowed a certain amount of characters in each text before it cuts them off or divides them into 2 separate text especially when someone i... Read More »

Can you use your iphone 4 without the simcard abroad as an ipod touch I am going away for a week and only want the wifi to be active?

The iPhone 4 has been on the market for not quite half a year, ... to rest the various imaginary iPhone 4 controversies invented by Apple haters who managed .

Will people calling me on mobile when im abroad notice i am abroad?

If you are abroad and I ring your mobile, I will get a different tone. The same long tone as you get when your waiting for someone to pick up the phone in the states (like in the movies). Whether... Read More »