If you buy a car how long before you need insurance?

Answer Answer From a Texas General Agent When financed, contractual obligations generally require full coverage before you take possession of the vehicle. The legal requirement for liability or Financial... Read More »

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Do you need insurance before you buy a car?

Car insurance is required when purchasing any new or used car. Most car lots use financing services and financing companies require insurance to protect the value of the car. If the buyer already h... Read More »

Do I need to surrender license plates before canceling insurance?

When drivers cancel their insurance, they may need to surrender their license plates and registration tags to the Department of Motor Vehicles, depending on what state they live in. Also, some stat... Read More »

You have been claiming private disability insurance for two years for parkinsons you now need to claim long term what do you need to do?

How long before I am covered by my husband's insurance after we get married?

As soon as you can get listed on the policy and begin paying the premium, you can be covered. If this is a group plan with his job, you may have to wait until open enrollment so you can be listed o... Read More »