If you buy a TV in UK, is it compatible in Ireland?

Answer Yep, both display PAL, both use three pin electric plugs. And pretty much all TVs today are capable of displaying NTSC as well. You would have to check the TV does VHF tuning (as Ireland has) they ... Read More »

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I want bbm while im in ireland (republic of ireland)?

Ring up T-mobile which is 150 and ask to turn 'Roaming' on, it's the only way. The only problem is, is it costs loads. You're better off just connected to Wifi in resturants and stuff.

How many trophies did Ireland win in Ireland?

Over 9000, around 9012, but no one knows because life is a conspiracy, you may not even be living right now.....

The Best Way to See Ireland?

Ireland is a charming and breathtaking country. It is full of cultural heritage, historical sites, adventures, sporting events and performing arts. The best way to see Ireland is a combination of w... Read More »

Can you take cruises from Ireland without having to fly anywhere?

I had a similiar problem, I don't have a problem flying or anything like that, but me and my partner didn't want the hassle of airports etc...but finding a company in ireland that specialised in cr... Read More »