If you bought a up to date television do you need a converter box?

Answer We are not able to receive MSNBC from our provider of cable service, that is Cablevision. They are forcing us to rent another box from them even though we have a new LCD/HD digital set. $72/year is... Read More »

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Do you need a digital converter for each old television you have?

In order to watch different channels on each of the televisions a separate set top box is needed for every television. Each set top box should connect to the antenna feed that has been connected to... Read More »

Does a television with a digital tuner need a converter box?

In the United States, as of March 1, 2007, it is illegal to manufacture, import or ship televisions lacking built-in digital tuners. If you have purchased a television since that date, your televis... Read More »

Does a Mobile bought from Dubai need a converter in India for Charging?

Not only a charger. Not only from DUBAI.Please read this. You will have no further doubts.For any electrical or electronic appliance, on the back side or where the power wire goes into the device... Read More »

Does an analog television with the digital converter box need an antenna?

Since the digital-television transition of 2009, older analog televisions require a digital-converter box in order to watch broadcast television. In addition to the box, analog televisions also nee... Read More »