If you become pregnant at sixteen in Georgia can you move out?

Answer if you get pregnant in Georgia at 16 you can move out and get married it was on george Lopez

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Can you move in with the guy who got you pregnant if you are sixteen?

Answer It really depends on where you live and if you are married or Some states you have to have parents permission to get married but I know in Georgia you can get married to anyone no mat... Read More »

Can you move out of your parents' house at sixteen years old if you are pregnant?

AnswerNo, being pregnant does not change the legal age of majority law in the state where the minor is living. Likewise being pregnant or having a child will not automatically confer emancipation u... Read More »

You are sixteen years old and your fifteen year old girlfriend is pregnant can she move to another state with your kid?

You could demand a paternity test, if you are the father you could get rights to the child. But if she moves to a different state you most likely wouldn't see the child very much. Good luck!

If you are sixteen and found out you are four weeks pregnant but are moving to FL and unsure if your boyfriend will be able to afford to move also how should you tell your very strict parents?

Answer maby talk to the least strict parent first. Together they may just start arguing with each other, and it may just blow way out of proportion. Or start with a family member that you are clos... Read More »