If you are too young to have a baby what are the risks of having one?

Answer If you're too young, there's a big risk. Just don't have sex. Be responsible.

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How young is too young for a baby to attend a concert?

AnswerUsually a month is good. Still, it's best to get a babysitter (trade off with a girlfriend so no money is exchanged or grandparents) because babies do cry and they can interfere with the conc... Read More »

What are the risks to baby while taking medroxyprogestrone?

If you are talking about taking the medroxyprogestrone while in the early stage of a pregnancy( first 4-5 months), I can probably answer that one.I had 3 miscarriages between my sons, they are 7 ye... Read More »

What are the risks on having a baby born at 36 to 37 weeks?

In the UK - which currently has the highest incidence of pre-term births in Europe - around 7% of births occur before 37 weeks, with 98% of these being after the 32nd week. But for a mother who ha... Read More »

The Health Risks of Baby Powder?

A primary ingredient in best-selling baby powders is talc, a mined mineral linked to respiratory problems and possible cancers. When talc rocks are milled to fine dust, fibers remain which are simi... Read More »