If you are the owner of a car can your parents insure it and put you as secondary driver to save money?

Answer Answer Yes, they can. It might vary by state and insurance company, but if your parents insure it, and put you as a secondary driver, and one of them as a primary, it is legal. The problem is usual... Read More »

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What are the legal issues in a situation in which you put another household member as the primary driver of your vehicle in order to save money?

Hi,I'm 18 and with Quinn insurance, this covers me to drive someone elses vehicle on a third party basis (I requested this over the phone so doubt if it is standard). However the premiums are very ... Read More »

Is it legal for an insured secondary driver to drive a car owned by a deceased primary driver?

Answer Were they a named insured in the Household? By most companies, if you are rated in the household, you may drive any vehicle in HH. Answer Yes, coverage should still apply to the vehicle howe... Read More »