If you are sued in an auto accident can you lose your house?

Answer AnswerOnly if the judgment exceeds the limits on your ins policy.For example -you have $100,000 of auto liability ins -you are involved in an accident which is your fault and get sued for $200,000 ... Read More »

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How to Pay the Amount You Owe If You Are Sued in a New Jersey Auto Accident?

If you're being sued after an auto accident, you may not want to defend yourself. Simply plead no contest -- or guilty, if you prefer -- and prepare to pay the judgment against you. There are a few... Read More »

Can you be sued in an auto accident when neither vehicle was insured?

Yes, of course you can be sued for anything...The fact that neither vehicle wasn't insured does not obsolve the 'at fault' party from being responsible for the damage they caused to the 'innocent'.... Read More »

If your 16 year old son has an auto accident and the vehicle is in his name and the insurance is in his name can you be sued?

Answer Yes, he is still a minor and as such you may be held liable for his actions.

Can a 17 year old who has a driver's license but no car insurance get sued for at fault auto accident?

Parental Responsibility Yes, since the 17 year old is a minor, Any litigation will typically name the Minor Child and the Vehicle Owner as well as the Parents or other Legal Guardians as defendants... Read More »