If you are still using Limewire, WHY?

Answer The key phrase is "Anyone downloading the trojan and trying to run it is asked to install a codec that will play the supposed media. "If you're using limewire, and you have a decent antivirus, it'l... Read More »

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Limewire, if I get rid of it can I still get in trouble?

limewire is not illegal , the way you might use it can be

Is Limewire still free and legal?

yes but click on the basic version of limewire

Using Limewire?

Look how large the song is and if it is a large number of bites you generally a song is 2000 to 10000 kb (kilobite) depending on the song length. Any thing higher than that you dont want to downloa... Read More »

Can you get caught using LimeWire?