If you are spotting does that mean you are pregnant?

Answer Answer Yes, it could be implantaion bleeding. Take a test to find out for sure

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If have been spotting brown and bleeding then after almost a week of spotting you start cramping are you pregnant or did you have a miscarriage?

Answer im 16 and i was supposed to start my period a couple weeks ago and i never did now i am spotting brown blood i was wondering if anyone could tell me what that means

What does spotting look like when pregnant?

On One Hand: Signs of Normal SpottingLight bleeding---called staining or spotting---is typically pink, red or dark brown (old blood), and doesn't last long. Its small amount isn't enough to necess... Read More »

Is it possible to be pregnant while spotting?

On One Hand: Spotting Is Normal During PregnancyAccording to the American Pregnancy Association, between 20 and 30 percent of all women experience light bleeding during pregnancy. This is usually ... Read More »

Could spotting mean you are pregnant?

Spotting could be a sign of pregnancy but it could also be due to other things such as hormonal imbalance.In addition, if you are on birth control, your flow could possibly become lighter or you co... Read More »