If you are sllergic to bananas can it give you headaches when you eat them?

Answer Yes well, stop eating bananas and see if the headaches stop :/ Only way to be sure, right?

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Why is it important to listen children and give them thee full attention when listening to them?

Children are people, too. It's as important to listen attentively to them as it is to anyone else. Why? To demonstrate to them the proper way of listening, to be polite and to gain a better underst... Read More »

What authority do you give someone when you give them admin on facebook?

they can do anything you can do - including kicking your out of your own group or pageso never make someone an admin if you dont know them in person

My daughters are going to art camp next week. Will the counselors to give them smacks when they need them?

Well they did at my camp. Real old fashioned over the knee spankings for bad girls.Turned my disobedient bottom bright red. It was so painful...and humiliating.

Why do girls give their numbers when they don't pickup when yo call them?

Probaby because they were just being nice and giving you there number when they weren't really interested. They would rather ignore your calls then tell you face to face they aren't into you. Also ... Read More »