If you are restricted from a friend on facebook can they still view your profile?

Answer I was actually thinking that if you restricted someone from your activities, they would be able to go to your profile, but your profile would be blank to them. :l

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If you delete a friend from facebook...will they still be tagged in your photos?

Facebook – my friend can't view my profile: how can I resolve this problem?

Perhaps its a temporary fault with facebook.I have experienced this before and after a few hours or maybe a day it was sorted. I couldnt see my friends profile , it looked asif it had been deleted ... Read More »

Can you view people's profile on facebook if you are logged into your facebook page account?

I believe (NOT 100%) that you can view what they allow. As in, if you weren't friends with them. It will show certain things, depending on privacy settings, but no, you cannot view it as if you wer... Read More »

How to Block Pages From Profile View on Facebook?

Facebook privacy settings allow you to hide most elements from the general Facebook community. Your name, profile picture and networks, however, will appear to all Facebook members unless you speci... Read More »