If you are pregnant and you get stressed could you miscarry?

Answer Stress is a serious cause of many health related issues. The major ones would be stroke and thyroid disease but miscarriage is definitely possible.

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Are there any medications that you should not take while pregnant and can any cause you to miscarry?

If you are trying to conceive and you have a root canal scheduled on the same day as your ovulation could it cause you not to get pregnant or to miscarry?

Answer The X-ray will damage the egg, unless you wear a covering that protects it... LEAD covering. I know I was in Dental school. As for the root canal, no, it won't cause you to not get pregnant... Read More »

Is it considered as violence to an unborn child if a pregnant woman is stressed out?

no of course not. but try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can. it is more stressful once they are out!

You had to take plan b 3 times in one menstrual cycle all soon after sex you spotted a lot 6 days in a row and been very stressed could you be pregnant or would you have enough blood for your period?

If semen got near or in the vagina, then yes she can. Also, you can't have dry sex naked, dry sex is when you have some sort of clothing on and there is a barrier, such as pants or underwear, betw... Read More »