If you are pregnant and you get semen in you will anything happen?

Answer Answer If you are pregnant, and you have sex - I would like to think that you are having fun!Semen cannot hurt or harm a baby. The only bad thing that could happen is that you could pick up an ST... Read More »

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If your girlfriend is pregnant is it safe to ejaculate in her or will anything happen?

Answer It is totally safe, just as long as you aren't rough with her. Answer It is perfectly safe as long as it is kept out of they eyes and she consents.

If you are pregnant and you get an X-Ray does anything happen to the baby?

It depends on the month of the pregnancy. In the first 3-4 months the fetus is developing and may cause deformities. As the pregnancy increases the likelihood of the adverse effects significally dr... Read More »

Will anything happen if I burn my pubes off?

If done right, it can be a safe and effective way to remove crabs....

Will anything happen to jj in criminal minds?

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