If you are on disability and adopt your 13-year-old granddaughter will she draw a check off your disabilty and would she have to change her last name to receive a check off you?

Answer DISABILITY INCOME I AM NOT sure from whom you get a disability check, but I have worked with disabled people for some years now, so I'll take a shot at trying to answer your question.Generally, you... Read More »

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A person who has a disabilty check not veteran can get a disability check?

You want to adopt your 18 year old granddaughter?

My 18 year old granddaughter has lived with me all her life. We mutually want to go ahead with adoption, as she wants to have me and my late husband on her birth certificate. We live in West Virgin... Read More »

Do college students receive the same size refund check every year?

Even if you make the same amount every year your refund check can be completely different. It depends on the prices of the classes your taking (classes have different costs and costs go up as well)... Read More »

Does social security disabilty give you all back pay in one check?

Yes. When you are awarded back benefits for Social Security disability, it will be paid to you in one lump sum. If you used a lawyer in your case, his fee will be deducted from your payment before ... Read More »