If you are leaking amniotic fluid does that mean you will have the baby soon?

Answer But leaking amniotic fluid can happen before the pregnancy is in its last day, and, if it happens 38 weeks before the term, it is called premature rupture of membrane. Usually, premature leaking c... Read More »

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Leaking Amniotic Fluid?

Call your doctor. If he/she is concerned you can go to the hospital and they can do a litmus test with the fluid to see if it is amniotic fluid or not. But it might also be urine (one of those grea... Read More »

What will they do if I am leaking amniotic fluid?

at 26 weeks doctors will usually try to keep labor from happening, so if you are leaking fluid, depending on the severity and how much fluid is lost they will put you on bed rest either at home or ... Read More »

Leaking what may be amniotic

this is what you need to do... asap... go to your local drug store or L&D and have your blood pressure checked! sounds like you may have, no actually, you probably do have either high blood pressur... Read More »

What does amniotic fluid look like if its leaking?

It sounds like regular pregnancy discharge. It can be thicker and it can appear to be a bit darker. If the color turns yellow, green, or brown it could indicate that you have some sort of an infect... Read More »