If you are in the Air Force and are sentenced to 6 months in jail for a misdemeanor will you be kicked out of the Air Force?

Answer Yeah, Tom died there.

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How do you get kicked out of the air force?

Commit a crime,or minor infraction. If your chain of command does not like you then it will be easy to get kicked out. It can be a long and painful process and Rumors will whirl around the base tha... Read More »

Was John levitow kicked out of the air force?

In the United States? William "Billy" Mitchell. He was a General in the Army during the early 1900s who saw how the Germans used air power very well during WWI. He begged and pleaded with the Army ... Read More »

If orders are declined in air force can member get kicked out?

Evolutionary, Biological/genetic, Environmental and Behaviorial.This anser is loosely based around the four schools of thought of psychology.

Can a jail force inmates to donate property?

A jail cannot force an inmate to donate property. The jail may seize goods as evidence of a crime, and routinely holds a prisoner's belongings for the duration of his sentence. But the legal-resear... Read More »