If you are in a accident that is not your fault should the other driver pay?

Answer Answer YES, ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!

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In Michigan if you are in an accident not at fault and have liability insurance only is the driver at fault responsible for damages to your car?

If an accident with a driver in an insured rental car rented by employer and driver is at fault who is financially liable?

Are you saying that you paid the rent and then the landlord lost the payment?You would have to determine at which point the rent was lost. For instance, if the check never arrived in the mail and w... Read More »

What if a person died in a fatal car accident will the driver liability insurance cover if driver wasn't at fault?

Just as with any other cost of doing business, When the expense is incurred in the course of production or service then those costs should be included in expenses.

Who is liable in a car accident where the driver at fault calls the police the other driver leaves the scene and no police report is filed?

The driver at fault is liable for the collision, regardless of the other driver's actions post-collision. The fleeing driver may later be brought up on Hit and Run or Leaving the Scene of an Accide... Read More »