If you are having a natural birth what is it that you feel right after delivery?

Answer AnswerPsychologically, after any childbirth you may feel a great rush of love, pride, achievement, relief, all the emotions mixed up.You may laugh, you may cry.You may feel none of these things, ch... Read More »

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Does a baby having a full head of hair at birth mean that it was a late delivery?

Can you have a natural birth after having two or more c-sections?

Yes, you can, but it is something you should discuss with your obstetrician.First, you have to consider the reasons for the previous cesarian sections. If they were one time problems (breech presen... Read More »

Why do I feel so guilty right now after finding out my birth mother killed herself because of me?

I would try to get hold of my adoption file - and find out the truth for myself.I would also try to make contact with the grandmother - again to find out the real story.I have known many adoptees t... Read More »

If you have joint custody of your son and feel that his safety is in question do you have a legal right to keep him until you feel that he is no longer in danger?

Answer The custodial parent who fears for their child's safety would not have a legal right to keep the child from the other parent until a court ruled on the legitimacy of the claim. In other wor... Read More »